Shopping for back to school clothes and supplies can be an expensive venture. Gone are the days when parents had to buy a few shirts and pants for their kids. Today, in addition to designer clothes, mobile devices, books and other necessities make up the list of back to school shopping.

You don’t have to clean out your bank account for school clothes and supplies. Here are some back to school shopping tips to help save you some cash.

Set a Budget – Forbes suggests making a list and creating a budget and sticking to it. Check last year’s clothes and supplies, such as backpacks and binders, to see if they can still be used for the upcoming year. You don’t need everything brand new.

Laptops, Tablets – Keep in mind the laptop or tablet a college student needs isn’t necessarily what a younger child needs. Typically, elementary or middle school students need a basic mobile device that is less expensive than full-featured one.

Shop Online – The best deals can usually be found online. Also, shopping online keeps the kids out of the stores where they will hound you to buy the trendiest – and most expensive – items.  Look for online coupon codes and sales.

Check the Supermarket– This can often be the best place for pens, pencils and notebooks. Check the weekly circular.

Shop End-of-Summer Sales – According to, most kids wear T-shirts and short-sleeved polo shirts all year round. End of summer is a great time to snatch these up at a substantial savings since stores are preparing to stock fall and winter clothes.

Back-to-School Swap – Host a back-to-school swap where you can trade clothes, toys, books and other supplies. Have kids of the same gender as yours, but different ages, at the swap.

Craigslist – Check out Craigslist for school supplies and clothes. You could fine quality items at a fraction of the store cost. Conversely, use craigslist to sell items your child can no longer use such as that outgrown outfit that was only worn for a few months.

Shop the Big Three – says you can find great back to school bargains at Old Navy, The Gap and The Children’s Place since these stores rotate their merchandise often and offer markdowns.

Follow these back to school shopping tips and avoid breaking the bank.


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