If you are planning to spruce up those tired walls in your home, you may be asking whether to paint or wallpaper. Both have pros and cons according to the QC Design School. Let’s take a look.


Pros: This is the classic, easiest, most durable and less expensive option. If you tire of the color after a while, just paint over it. Paint is also easy to clean. There are countless shades of colors to choose, and colors can be custom mixed to perfectly match your décor.

Cons: Paint can be difficult to manage. Dark colors can be a challenge if you decide to brighten up the room by painting a light color over it in the future. Paint can also be easily chipped or scratched. Damaged areas can be touched up but exactly matching the surrounding color can be tough.


Pros: Wallpaper has been around for ages but has become less popular in the past 25 years. Quality wallpaper, properly hung, can last for decades. There are many textures, colors and patterns that can liven up any room. Wallpaper is great for hiding wall imperfections.

Cons: Wallpaper must be applied professionally – patterns must match up and seams must be nearly invisible. It is more expensive and time consuming to apply than paint. Wallpaper can chip, peel and discolor. It can be very difficult to remove and walls can be damaged in the process.

Best Rooms for Wallpaper

Living and dining rooms are most suitable for wallpaper. If you use the right pattern, it can add dimension to a room. You can use wallpaper to create small accent walls and match it to paint. Master bedrooms are also candidates for wallpaper, but not children’s rooms.

It is best not to use wallpaper in kitchens and bathrooms. Moisture is not a friend to wallpaper. If you decide to paper your kitchen or bath, go with a vinyl wallpaper.

Best Rooms for Paint

Actually, paint can be used in any room. Paint will stand up to steam and moisture in bathrooms and kitchens. Paint is a must for children’s rooms – easy cleanup and can be painted over. Consider painting walls in the same room different shades for a unique look.

Consult a painting contractor or an interior designer to help choose what would work best for your home.

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