There are many types of door locks to choose. So, which is the best commercial lock for your business that offers both security and convenience?

  1. Panic/Push Bars – These are push bars on the inside of a door that allow a quick and easy exit while keeping the door locked on the outside. When the bar is pushed, the door latch is retracted allowing the door to be opened.

Panic bars are often used in areas of a building where a secured, locked door is needed. The door is always locked but anyone from the inside can exit without having to unlock it by just pushing the panic bar. Fire codes also dictate the placement of panic bar operated doors.

  1. Cylindrical Lever Locks – This type of lock is operated with a key and has lever handles on the inside and outside of the door. These are standard bored locks, similar to pin tumblers, but the lock is within the levers.

Some cylindrical lever locks also have a push button on the inside lever. When pushed, the door can be locked from the inside, but, the inside handle can be turned to unlock the door.

These locks offer great security for such places as school classrooms. The locks are heavy duty and stand up well to excessive use.

  1. Mortise Locks – These have been around for some 200 years. They are robust and ideal for high volume areas.

The mortise lock is made up of several elements that work in conjunction with one another. Since the deadbolt is housed within the lock body, it is resistant to tampering or forced entry.

As with cylindrical lever locks, mortise locks also offer a formidable security barrier.

  1. Keypad Door Locks – You can manage better access control with a keypad lock. Most are keyless and are opened by punching in a code you create.

With a keypad lock, you don’t have to worry about passing out keys to users that can get lost and or fall into the wrong hands.

Some keypads implement a biometric option where one’s fingerprint, when press onto the pad, will unlock the door.

  1. Electric Strike Locks – These offer high security control by regulating and monitoring who gains access to your building.

To unlock the door from the outside, a keycard with an embedded code is swiped or a code is punched into a keypad. To exit, a push bar or a mechanical release is used to open the door.

As you can see, there are many choices for locks. We, at Abington Locksmith, can help you determine the best commercial lock for your business.

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