The winter months have the most home break-ins during anytime of the year. Late afternoon sunsets entice burglars to break-in since it’s dark before many homeowners return from work. Here are some tips to keep your home safe in winter.

Keep Doors and Windows Locked

Doors and windows are obviously the prime areas of entry for a burglar. Make sure all your windows are locked. These include your basement windows. Consider placing bars or a grill on the inside of basement windows since these are easy entry points. Use deadbolt locks on doors as an added security measure.

Keep Snow Clear on Drives and Walks

A driveway or walk covered with snow for days on end is a sure sign no one is home. Clear all snow from the drive and walks. If you are going away, ask a neighbor or hire someone to shovel out your home.

Security System

A security system is the best defense for your home against burglars – if you’re home or not. Have an alarm company evaluate your home and offer the best options to suit your needs and budget. If an intruder tries to break in, an alarm will be activated that will alert police. There are smartphone apps where you can link you home security system that will also alert you.

Motion Detector Lights

A motion detector light on the outside of your home is also a great deterrent to thieves. When someone walks within the motion detector’s sensor, the light will go on and stay on for a preset amount of time. A light suddenly coming on will likely scare away a potential burglar.

Remove Shrubs

Cut back or remove trees and shrubs around your home. This will help eliminate hiding areas and also, allow you to see footprints in the snow.

Secure Garage and Shed

Keep your garage and tool shed locked. Place all outside furniture and grill inside either the garage or shed. This not only keeps these items safe but also prevents them to be used as a stepping stool to gain access to your home’s windows or roof.

Follow these tips to keep your home safe in the winter. Spring is not far behind!

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