There is nothing worse than misplacing or losing your keys. There are two ways of keeping your keys safe: using modern technology or some old fashion methods. Let’s take a look at both options as suggested by Wiki How.

The Modern Way

You can use a wireless key finder and your smartphone to keep tabs on your keys.

The wireless key finder utilizes a small tracking device that is attached directly to your keychain. The device sends out a tracking signal that can be picked up by Bluetooth on your smartphone. These are easy to use, affordable and come with either rechargeable or replaceable batteries.

The wireless key finders are compatible with both iPhones and Android with Bluetooth capabilities. You download an app to the phone that connects directly to the key finder. You then set up an online account. After attaching the tracker to the keychain, you just set up the finder through the app on the phone.

If you lose your keys, you activate the finder through the app. The tracker will send out a signal that the phone can latch onto allowing you to hone in on the lost keys. Most devices have a loud buzzer that goes off the closer you get to the lost object. Some also have a blinking LED in addition to the buzzer. Most of these devises work within a range of a couple hundred feet.

The Old Fashion Way

We are creatures of habit and just by using daily routines or habits can help prevent misplaced keys:

  • Place your keys in the same coat or pants pocket or bag everyday
  • Hang then on a hook
  • Place them in a bowl
  • Put them on your dresser

By putting them in the same place every day you will get into a habit to go to that spot for them.

Another way of keeping your keys safe and to help locate your keys is to decorate the keychain with bright colors or put them on a belt clip. Keep a spare key hidden somewhere outside should you get locked out. You can even entrust a neighbor to hold on your spare keys.

The Keyless Option

The best option for your home is the keyless locking system. Instead of keys, you punch in a code, use your fingerprints or use you smartphone to remotely open or lock the door.

Some of these keyless locks allow you to set a time to unlock the door, a great feature if a service repair technician or delivery is coming to your home when you’re not these.

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