There are times when you should re-key locks for your business or home.

Re-keying locks is a more cost-effective option than replacing existing locks with new ones. To re-key locks involves replacing the key pins in the lock mechanism. Once the pins are replaced, the lock can only be operated with a completely new key.

Commercial Buildings

According to Allegion, the need to re-key locks depends on several factors. For the commercial business owner, these include the size of your building, the number of employees who work there, how many have or had keys and the amount of foot traffic through the building. Some security experts recommend commercial property owners change their locks every two years.

You should re-key if the following occurs:

  • A theft or break-in
  • Theft of keys to the building
  • An employee loses a key
  • An employee quits without returning assigned keys
  • A key-holding employee is terminated


For the homeowner, you should re-key your locks if you move into a new home, even a newly constructed dwelling. You have no idea how many keys are floating around from the previous owner of the home you are moving into or the contractor who built a new house. If you lost your keys and had a break-in, it is a good idea to re-key your home’s locks.

Restricted Keyways

Business owners who want added security should consider a restricted keyway system. This gives you total control over the security of your locks. In order to get duplicate keys made, the lock manufacturer issues an authorization card. The locksmith must get permission from the manufacturer in order to copy the key.

Without authorization from the lock supplier, no locksmith can duplicate the key. You also have the option of directly requesting duplicate keys from the manufacturer by using a number stamped on the key. This makes it difficult if not impossible for employees to copy keys to your building.

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