If you own a residential or commercial building, having a master key system is a must. Having one key gives you total control over the security of your property.

What is a Master Key System?

A master key system is a specific group of locks that can be unlocked by one key, called the master key.  Individual keys can open the same group of locks. This system allows the owner or manager to control who accesses particular rooms of your building or areas of your property.

Employees or tenants have their own individual keys to opens specific locks. For example, a tenant has his or her own key to unlock their apartment or office door. You would provide employees such as managers or cleaning crews individual keys to specific areas or rooms.  With a restricted master key system, you have to grant permission to have a key duplicated by someone.

Why a Master Key?

  • Convenience – No need to carry a ring of keys or keep track of multiple keys. One key does it all.
  • Security – You choose the areas employees need to access such as offices, conference or supply rooms. If you own residential property – a condo or apartments – a single key gives you access to all the units.
  • Cost-Effective – Your existing locks can be rekeyed.
  • Control – Since you have control of the single key to all of a building’s locks, you don’t need to worry about someone duplicating a key. The master key holder can choose certain individuals to have individual keys to access specific rooms or areas.

Whether you are a small or big business owner, a landlord or residential property owner, a master key system is an effective and simple solution in controlling access and security. The system also allows you to track who has specific keys. This is a great benefit for commercial building owners that have employees or subcontractors coming and going.

The master key system is perfect for offices, hotels, stores, apartments and leased property. The system allows the owner or manager to access any room or area at any time without the need to call or wait for someone with a specific key.

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