You Should Rekey After Moving Into a New Home

 After purchasing a new house, many homeowners are always looking to remodel their bathroom, kitchen or repaint their walls. However, there is an area that they tend to forget: rekey. A few weeks after moving into your new home, you start to notice things are missing. Chances are the previous owners – or friends and neighbors – used copies of the keys you have to let themselves in when you’re not around. This is why you should rekey after moving into a new home.
Here’s the problem: not everybody is honest and you have no idea who previously may have a spare key to the home. In addition, there are burglars consistently looking for new homeowners and know when people are in the house or not. Contractors working on the home for the previous owners may have keys.
The situations above can all be avoided by contacting a locksmith immediately after you got your keys from the previous owner. Rekeying your new home should be a priority to keep you, your family and your valuables safe.
Rekeying is inexpensive compared to changing all your locks. The inner workings of the existing locks are altered to accommodate new keys.

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