Have you ever locked yourself out of your home? It is a stressful and painful experience. Here are some tips of what to do if you get locked out of your house.

  1. Check Your Pockets/Purse. Check your pockets or purse to see if you really have forgotten your key inside the house. Many homeowners forget and end up finding their keys inside their pockets or purses.
  2. Look for Unlocked Windows and Back Doors. It is highly recommended that you lock your windows and back doors on a regular basis to increase your homes’ security and avoid any break-ins. However, on the occasion that you forgot to lock a door or window, they make a perfect entry point for anyone that is locked out. Just remember to watch your step when you climb through the window as you might lose balance.
  3. Ask for Help. If you have previously given a spare key to your trusted neighbor or friend, ask them for help. If you live with someone, ask them to come home and let you in. Although not very convenient, it is still better than sitting out in the cold.
  4. Call a Locksmith. If you can’t open your doors, there is always the option of a locksmith. You should know a locksmith before you need one, either from referrals or one that you know has a good reputation in the industry. By calling a locksmith, it avoids the cost of fixing your door or windows via breaking in, and eliminates your home from any further security risks.

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