In the United States, a home burglary occurs every 18 seconds. A burglary can be extremely scary for the victim but also for the entire neighborhood. It’s important to know how to handle this kind of situation if it were to occur in your neighborhood. Here are some steps to take following a neighborhood burglary.

  • Help out your neighbors: After a burglar occurs, your neighbors will most likely be frightened and upset. You can offer to help them clean up and repair any damages around their home. Just bringing over a plate of food or calling to check in on them is just a small gesture to do to show that you care about their safety.
  • Update Security: Burglars that have been successful in a home may often return to the same neighborhood. You should update your door locks and make sure the frames and hinges on your front door are strong. If you have a spare key that is outside in a hidden location, it may be best to give it to a reliable neighbor or family member.
  • Have a Discussion with your Family: If you have children, make sure talk with them about their feelings after the burglary. You want to ensure your family to discuss any concerns or fears that they have so you can comfort them.

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