The holiday season is a time to celebrate and have fun with relatives and close friends, however, it’s important to be safe while having fun. Here are helpful safety tips to have during the holidays this winter!

  • If you’re traveling to visit relatives over the holidays, it’s important to keep your travel plans off social media. Don’t post when you are leaving or when you’re coming back, this information can be helpful for thieves because they will be aware of when your house is empty.
  • Displaying wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree will look festive however this could be an open invitation for a burglar. Make sure that holiday gifts aren’t visible from the outside and away from windows Also, keep your curtains and blinds closed when out of the house.
  • Since the holiday season is a prime time for burglaries, updating your locks with electronic deadbolt systems will ensure that your valuables won’t go missing.
  • When traveling to neighbors or relatives holiday parties, remember to leave a radio or TV on so it gives the appearance that someone is home. Also, having your indoor lights on a timer will help seem like someone is home.

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