Business Security

A master key system is a security system that’s purpose is to provide access to properties, areas, or buildings to key holders. This system allows both groups or individual key holders to gain access to all or certain areas of a building or buildings.

It’s more convenient for property owners or building administrators which means with one key you will have the ability to enter any building or property. You will be able to limit access only to a specific people, this helps better security at all times. The master key system is beneficial to have because it allows accurate records of keys and who has the keys can be easily kept and tracked.

Since the purpose of this system is that there is a master key, which can open several locks while each lock would also open by its own unique key, is perfect for commercial buildings. If you’re looking to heighten your security at your business, then a master key system is the fit for you! Contact Abington Locksmith at 888-296-5625 or fill out our contact form if you’re interested in a master key system installation!

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