Updating the Locks in Your Home

Earlier this year, we gave you a handful of reasons on why you would need to change your locks. Those were just a few and were here to help for it’s time to get a lock change in different situations. Changing your locks is essential as any other maintenance project around your house. Here are some more situations for when changing your locks is necessary.

  • When you have an old roommate or housemate leaving, it’s a good idea to change your locks. Even if they give you back their keys, they could have easily made a copy and given it to anybody. They could also come back to steal your belongings, you have to be prepared for any situation!
  • In similar circumstances, if you have recently had a divorce or have a relationship ending it’s good for your own protection to update your locks. You don’t want to return home one day to find half of your possessions gone.
  • If you had to give out your spare keys to a repairmen or service person, you will want to replace your locks. You never know who might get access to the keys. The same situation goes for your neighbors if you give them spare keys to hold while you’re away on vacation.

When it comes to protecting yourself, family members, and belongings you can never be too safe. If you need to change your locks, contact Abington Locksmith at 888-296-5625 or fill our contact form online!

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