In recent reports, most break-ins occur between 10am and 3pm, when most people are usually at school or work. July and August are the most common months when break-ins happen because it’s a popular time for people to go on vacation with their children. Since July and August get pretty hot, homeowners may leave their windows open all night accidentally. February is known to be the month with the least amount of break-ins occur. Generally, burglars spend an average of about 8-12 minutes in a home.

Common Areas Burglars Can Enter your Home:

Front Door
First Floor Windows
Second Entrances ( Back Doors)

Common Items that Get Stolen:

Electronics (laptops, televisions, & digital cameras)

Most burglars usually just try the front door first, they’€™ll jiggle the doorknob to see if it’€™s unlocked. Whenever you leave your home to go to work or run errands, always make sure all your windows & doors are securely locked. The best solution to prevent break-ins from happening is upgrading your home security. If you are interested in installing new locks for your home, contact Abington Locksmith at 888-296-5625 for more information!

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