Sliding doors are very simple with that they move on a set of tracks that are usually made of vinyl, metal or wood.  A good percentage of break-ins occur through the back sliding door because it can sometimes offer up less resistance and easier to open. It’s important to get the right knowledge on how to secure your sliding door and prevent these break-ins.

Helpful tips to secure your sliding door:

  • Insert a bar into the tracks of the door to block movement and prevent them from being opened. Using a metal, wood or dense plastic bar will be the best option. Also, this is most likely the most affordable plan for securing your sliding door.
  • Since sliding doors are giant windows looking into your home, putting up curtains that cover your windows so possible burglars can’t monitor when your home
  • Another option that may sometimes not be the most common way is to use glass film on your sliding doors. This type of film is made to withstand vast pressure and are able to prevent break-ins.

You should always make the security of your home a top priority to prevent any type of break-in. If you need a new lock or want to advance the lock on your sliding door, contact Abington Locksmith at 888-296-5625.

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