There will be certain situations when you need to change your locks on your home to ensure the safety of your family, property, & belongings.

One of the most basic forms of home security is just simply locking your doors. In assuring the locks on the doors are secured, it’s important not to forget the maintenance of the lock.

Here are some good reasons when you need to change your locks:

  • Moving into a new home is usually the number one reason to get your locks changed or upgraded. When moving into a new home, it’s best to change them immediately because there is no way to know how many other  copies of the key are out there
  • If you’ve lost your keys is another reason to change your locks as soon as possible because you never know where they might end up
  • Your home has been broken into or an attempt of a break-in has occurred. It’s best to contact your local locksmith right after something like this happens because you may want to invest in a better lock just in case you become a repeated victim of a burglar
  • Over time, keys and locks can experience wear and tear and if you have a worn and rusted lock, it could make it easier from someone to break into

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