How Are Deadbolts Important for Home Security?

How Are Deadbolts Important for Home Security abington locksmiths

If you are a homeowner in the South Shore area, the product of deadbolt might have been a very popular one. If you already have a deadbolt installed, that means your home is harder to break-in, or if you haven’t installed them, your locksmith should have recommended them to you. However, there are some homeowners that are not that concern about safety and are still using an ordinary lock that makes them vulnerable.

So, what exactly is a deadbolt? 

A deadbolt is a locking mechanism that is moved by the turning of a key or a know without a spring. It can only be opened through a key or knob and cannot be jimmied open with a knife or any similar object. It will resist forced entry and thus increase the security of the house.Single cylinder deadbolts are the most common for residential uses.

Why Deadbolts Important

Deadbolts can increase the security of your home because of their special mechanism and made them much harder to break in for burglars. However, homeowners should not be fooled into the fact that having a deadbolt can prevent your home being ever breaking in. Deadbolts are only part of the equation, other items such as security systems can further enhance the security of your home.

Deadbolts are underrated in terms of adding security compared to security systems. They can withstand a lot of force that is exerted against them. It will definitely stop any ordinary burglar attempting to forcefully break into your house with a kick to your door. Contact Abington Locksmith today at 888-296-5625 for a free quote and we are proud to serve Weymouth, Hingham, Randolph and other areas in the South Shore, MA.