Choosing the Right Locks for Your Home

choosing the right locks for your home

If you still have the same locks on your exterior doors when you moved in, it’s likely time for an upgrade. Today’s locks offer a much greater level of protection. Let’s take a look at the four most popular types of locksets and help you in choosing the right locks for your home as suggested by This Old House.

  1. Dead Bolts – These are the best line of defense for your home. They are robust and make it very difficult for a burglar to pry open the door since a steel bolt sets in the jamb. There are two types of dead bolts – double cylinder and single cylinder:

    Double Cylinder – This requires a key to lock and unlock a door – both inside and out. It prevents a potential intruder from breaking the door window or sidelight and reaching in to unlock the door.The drawback, however, is that it poses a dangerous situation in a fire. Fumbling with a key trying to unlock the door when flames are licking at your heels can make for a bad scene. There are some communities that prohibit double cylinder locks. If you do use this lock, make sure there is a spare key nearby and that everyone knows where it is.

    Single Cylinder – These are the most common locks. It has a knob on the inside of the door that is turned to lock or unlock. It is locked or unlocked from the outside with a key.These locks are fine for doors that are not in proximity to windows that can be smashed by a burglar who just has to reach in and turn the knob to unlock the door.

  1. KeyedEntry Doorknob – These are doorknobs or levers with a lock in them. They are installed on an exterior door and should be used in tandem with a deadbolt.
  2. Handle Sets -These are locksets with doorknobs or handles inside and swan-neck handles on the outside. Handle sets always include a deadbolt. There are types where the deadbolt and handle lock are interconnected. These are more convenient since both can be unlocked or locked simultaneously.
  3. Privacy Locksets -These are also known as nuisance or bed and bath locksets. This lock is generally used on interior doors such as a bedroom or bathroom to prevent accidental entry.

Choose the Right Grade

When choosing locks, quality is utmost. Look for a Grade 2, which is generally for residential use, or Grade 1, for commercial applications. Grade 1 is top quality, but, expensive. Avoid Grade 3 locks since they are of less quality.

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