How to Choose the Best Lock that Will Protect Your Home & Family?

Locksmiths in South ShoreDo you know what is the best lock that will protect your home and your family? Although there are many types of locks out there for you to choose, yet, it is recommended to know which one of those are the right one for you.

Traditional Key Locks

There are still many homeowners who prefer a traditional key lock over an electronic lock. Make sure you choose a lock that is resistant to picking. In addition to that, if your lock contains both a deadbolt and pick-resistant lock, it would add extra security to your home.

Electronic Locks

It is an extremely convenient option for people who own a rental property such as a rental house or Airbnb in the South Shore area. By sending your tenant a set of codes, you don’t have to meet them to exchange the keys. In addition to that, with the frequent turnover of guests, it could be very useful avoiding the possibility of replacing the keys.

Another option is remote-control locks. The code changes automatically after each entry and allows you to open and close the door with a remote. Some newer models, even allow you open the door with your smartphone.

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